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Antiques expert David Harper on new series of Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip,BBC2.

Antiques expert David Harper on new series of Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip,BBC2.

Our client David Harper has recently featured on several episodes of the new BBC2 series of Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip this November and December. The series sees antiques experts accompany celebrities on a road trip around the UK searching for treasures and competing to make the most money at auction.

Shows you may have spotted David on include;

Robert Bathurst and Amanda Donohoe

James Martin and Jodie Kidd

Edwina Currie and Eve Pollard

Thelma Barlow and Anne Reid

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David Harper is a TV antiques expert and  presenter for many years he has featured on  BBC TV antiques shows like Antiques Roadtrip, Bargain Hunt, Put Your Money where Your Mouth Is and Cash In The Attic. He has appeared on Ready Steady Cook and has been featured on Through The Keyhole! David Harper has also run his own successful antiques business handling the sales of art and antiques internationally, in addition to contributions for various media and journalism projects.


From the age of 5 David has had a burning passion for history and artifacts and began collecting, researching and studying all levels of antiques and art from that age. Beginning in farmers fields collecting broken bits of pottery and clay pipes (and searching for Saxon Treasure!) he steadily moved on to his first purchase at the age of 9 (A silver plated Victorian sweet basket, which is still in the family!) and began making a living fulltime from antiques and art at the age of 18. David has owned antiques restoration businesses, shipped antiques to and from America (as well as having a business there) and exhibited at some of the top fairs in the UK. At the age of 23, David was one of the youngest directors of a PLC company in the country – the company made and shipped antique style furniture from Thailand to Europe and America and David was asked to join the board because of his antiques knowledge and experience


The media came to David Harper  by accident! In 1999 he was recommended by the curator of Bowes Museum to appear on BBC radio to discuss the value of art and antiques and to give live valuations on air!  He reluctantly agreed and due to nerves didn’t sleep for 24 hours beforehand! But David loved the experience and was soon contacted by other radio station to do the same. So for 5 years, David Harper worked on various weekly radio shows around the UK, taking calls, valuing antiques and art and giving advice on where and how to buy and sell. It was at this point he also began to write articles for magazines.

In 2004 David Harper was asked to value antiques off screen for TV antiques shows – This he did (again for free!) until eventually he was asked to screen test for a new Channel 4 Antiques show called Natural Born Dealers. David passed the screen test and his TV career began from there!

TV SHOWS AND PROJECTS: Bargain Hunt,Cash In The Attic, Antiques Roadtrip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

David Harper is now a much loved and respected TV antiques expert and  presenter on  BBC TV antiques shows like Antiques Roadtrip, Bargain Hunt, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Cash In The Attic.

David Harper also presents antiques and art related stories and investigations for TV. From Tommies War – a film about the discovery on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow of a First World War illustrated diary, in addition he has presented an undercover investigation into the Illegal Ivory Trade in the UK…both films were seen on BBC TV.


He has also appeared as a guest on shows like Ready Steady Cook, Heaven & Earth,Inside Out and has even been featured on Through The Keyhole!